because its a big damn icon community out there.

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what we're about

what with the various fandoms, styles, and many many icon makers out there, we all can't watch the same communities and journals. however! sometimes, someone makes icons that just make you go 'WOW!', and you want to get the word out about them. they might be a brave new style that someone tried out, or a not-so-popular subject that has no 'community' where it can really be posted. or, they might just be very very pretty, and you want others to share in this wonder.

everyone can post. everyone can recommend. show us those gems you find, whatever they may be. all fandoms, all makers, all the time.

how it works

watch those communities that you already do! if someone makes some spectacular icons, give us a link to those icons, with a very brief summary of what we'll find. try to give us genre (art, stock images, fandom, etc), why you like them, and definately include the icon artist in each description.

"sweet__tea makes great minimal icon sets, and this one featuring icons from the bbc adaptation of pride and prejudice is one of my favourites because of her creative cropping and bold colouring.
pixation has made a large, multifandom post here, and while i am not that into a lot of the fandoms featured, i have to give a shout out to the dr who/david tennant icons featured in this post because they are awesome. the use of text is creative and interesting, without being overdone, and there's some interesting juxtaposition of b&w and colour elements.
sunlitdays is well known for her themed icon sets, and i think this set of vintage fashion icons is one of her best. they are simple and minimalist, elegantly cropped, tastefully coloured, and the subject matter is divine."

the rule of thumb is to remember five key things per recommendation: the link, the artist, description, the genre, and why you like them.

we ask that you recommend at least three posts in each entry. i think it's a bit hard to remember to come back when you finally have three sets, so you may pimp just one set of icons in a post. just don't spam us with 5 recs a day, ok? ♥

if you like, leave a comment on each post you recommend; something akin to this post has been pimped at hip_squares. it's a quick way to promote the community and make icon makers feel loved!

please don't rec resources, such as brushes or screencaps here. there are stacks of communities for that kind of thing, and we'd like to stick to icons here.


first and foremost, YOU CANNOT PIMP YOUR OWN WORK. it defeats the purpose of the community, it makes you look arrogant, and yes, we'll be watching!

this is not a community to post icons. give us the link to the post, and let us go and look for ourselves! posts containing icons will be deleted.

be nice. we all have different tastes, and rudeness will not be tolerated. and yes, we will be watching, warning, and banning!


this community is moderated by dear_prudence, who can be contacted through her lj email about any questions or concerns you may have.
i post my icons at oh_darling. i also run bbc_stills and botanicalstills.

previous mods: iamleaper, sunnysky, and juleskicks

special thanks to flax for allowing the use of this name.



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